• 08.05.2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Launch Party

When 15-year old Jack Lightfoot’s Porsche 997 GT3 RS-inspired illustration landed in the DR inbox we were impressed. Such creativity deserved to be rewarded, but how? An invite to Sony Computer Entertainment’s subterranean launch party, deep beneath the streets of London, that’s how.

Together with his father Mark, Jack got the chance to play GT5 Prologue the night before it went on sale and, thanks to Nissan GB, had the chance to pore over the new GT-R. Suffice to say he’s got plenty of material for his next illustration.

Over the coming months we’ll be launching the GT5 Prologue Drivers Republic League, in which you’ll have the opportunity to race on-line against each other, the DR team and a few of our professional racing driver mates.

Until then we suggest you buy the game and start developing your skills. Honour is at stake, and we won’t be taking any prisoners…