• 24.09.2008

VW Scirocco GT vs VW Golf GTI

Before pitching the Scirocco GT against its obvious two-door rivals (see First Look next week for a triple test against Audi’s TT 2.0-litre T FSI and BMW’s 125i Coupe M Sport) we thought it would be fascinating to first compare the long awaited coupe with perhaps its closest rival of all, the Golf GTI.

It’s a comparison made all the more relevant, not to mention poignant, now that the much lauded Mk V GTI has ceased production.


Then let us know what you think.

“When the last Scirocco was around the MkII Golf GTI was one of the coolest and most credible drivers’ cars on the road, which resulted in the Scirocco being largely overlooked. But what about this time around? Is the Scirocco destined for success, or will the Golf GTI remain the sporty VW of choice?”