From Paintball to ‘Egg Fight’ – with Audi’s RS 6 the stakes just got higher.. (w/VIDEO)

To celebrate the latest incarnation of Audi’s time-bending RS 6 Avant, Audi UK got together with agency Rubber Republic to put on a bit of a show.

You may remember the Audi RS 4 launch video, “Ultimate Paint Ball Duel”, where two RS 4’s chased each other around an MOD aircraft hangar armed with Browning .50 caliber replica paintball guns. The resulting mess made for a memorable video which you can see in this behind-the-scenes snippet produced by YouTube video blogger Shmee150.

Audi-RS6-EggFight-campaign_G12007 stunt-driver and ex-Stig Ben Collins faces off against fall-guy Damien Walters.

Rubber Republic made both videos, and promised to up the ante for the world’s fastest estate car, with more paint, more speed and the antics of YouTube phenomenon Damien Walters and BBC Top Gear’s ex-Stig Ben Collins in an ‘epic’ egg fight.

‘The Duel ~ Man vs Machine’ was filmed on the August Bank Holiday weekend at Sheerness Dock in Kent. It was the first time the Port authorities have allowed filming to take place in this location, and probably the last, given the massive clean-up job which followed.

“The RS 6 is one of our most impressive and surprising cars,” said Hugh Fletcher, Audi UK’s National Digital Manager.

“We wanted to show what it could do, but also have a little fun in the process. With the help of Ben and Damien, we’ve captured not only its performance, but its personality too.”

* * *

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  • Maurice

    Is it me or was that just a rather pointless and contrived, half-baked piece of rubbish?

    • Steve Davies

      I hear you Maurice. As a marketing tool it has served its purpose with nearly 860,000 views on YouTube since launch. But these campaigns are never aimed at enthusiasts like you or I, instead they’re made to capture the undecided customer, those who choose their next purchase based on which brand grabs their attention at the time of purchase.

      When you run the analytics this actually makes sense, enthusiasts rarely change their affiliations so spending money to do so results in very low ROI.

      The other factor which shouldn’t really come as a surprise concerns the people who make the content – it is very rare to find enthusiasts within the creative and ad agencies so they’re unlikely to speak our language when it comes to automotive campaigns.