Peugeot reveals details of the new 208 GTi due in Spring 2013

There’s a lot riding on the new 208 GTi – the troubled French car maker needs a halo model to draw customers back into its showrooms after cutting 8,000 jobs in July. Sales are down 23% compared to 2007 levels and unions have described the cuts as a “declaration of war”.

If ever there was a time to ‘get it right’ with a GTi model, this is it.

Film: Toyota’s Road To Le Mans

Unless you’ve been living under a stone these past few months, you’re probably aware that Toyota is returning to Le Mans in 2012 – replacing Peugeot as the main challenger to the all-dominant Audis (although perhaps Nissan might wish to disagree).

ROAD 25: Peugeot Special – Motion & Emotion

Welcome, or should we say bienvenue to this très Gallic Peugeot special of ROAD Magazine. Peugeot’s current advertising slogan is ‘Motion & Emotion,’ which when you cut through the adman-speak hints at cars that are involving, ney, fun to drive, and live with.

Adwatch: Peugeot strips the 208 naked in its new interactive experience

Peugeot’s all-new 208 makes its premiere at the Geneva motor show in a fortnight’s time. It’s a bold and ambitious model, targeting none other than the marque’s highly successful 205, made most famous by the iconic 205 GTi.

If regeneration is what the car is all about, then Peugeot’s advertising is very much forward-looking as it pushes the boundaries in size, scale and reach to make sure we all know the 208 is coming.

Peugeot attempts to reinvent the GTi

It seems a risky strategy for Peugeot to claim that the legendary 205 GTi is back. After all, the company has cried ‘wolf’ many times before – 206 GTi, 207 GTi, 308 GTi.. none has been a patch on the sometimes lively, but always entertaining 205 GTi 1.9.

Toyota unveils its 2012 TS030 HYBRID Le Mans challenger

Although Peugeot’s withdrawal from Le Mans series racing last week was a disappointment to those who have enjoyed its rivalry with Audi, the 2012 season will remain a closely fought affair due to the introduction of Toyota’s TS030 HYBRID Le Mans challenger.

Peugeot Sport reveals the New 2012 RCZ competition car

The circuit of Albi was the focus yesterday for the world premiere of Peugeot Sport’s new production-car competition model. The RCZ Peugeot Sport adds to, rather than replaces, any of Peugeot Sport’s existing competition models (206, 207 or Spider) and will compete primarily within the one-make RCZ Racing Cup in 2012.