Bentley’s SUV goes on sale in 2016

Bentley’s controversial SUV project has received the green-light, with production set to begin in 2016. And judging by the outline drawing attached with the…

Honda to release its own Juke-inspired Urban-SUV

I’ve owned just one urban-SUV, the first generation Land Rover Freelander, and while we enjoyed the experience, it wasn’t nearly useful enough to justify some of its more obvious limitations. However the market for urban-SUVs is booming, most notably for Nissan who produced more than 480,000 Qashqai, Qashqai +2, Juke in 2011.

Mercedes designs a futuristic G-Class for Judge Dredd

If you’re tired of driving around in one of those metro-sexual SUVs produced by Volvo and Lexus, then Mercedes-Benz might have the concept you’ve been yearning for. And just to make sure those Friends-of-the-Earth neighbours recognise you for the Baby-Seal-slaughtering, planet-destroying villain that you are, they’ve got straight to the point with its name – the Ener-G-Force.

Tour Britain with Infiniti’s FX Vettel Edition

What do you think of Infiniti? – The cars, the brand and how significant the company will be to you in the future? Chances are, unless you’re based in the U.S, the response to either of these questions will be a dismissive shrug of the shoulders.

All-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S now comes with 542bhp (w/VIDEO)

After lumbering on for over a year with ‘just’ 493bhp, Porsche has finally seen fit to add the letter ‘S’ to the Cayenne Turbo’s name, bringing with it an extra 49bhp. That places it just 5bhp short of BMW’s X5 M, but it’s likely to be considerably more expensive.