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What makes a good SkiddMark article?

The first question we ask is "does it matter if an article is published or not?" , and "are we saying anything that hasn't already been said elsewhere?" It helps if the subject matter is fresh, because it stands a better chance of contributing to the emerging consciousness of our readers. If the topic is beyond a few weeks old, then it needs to offer a deeper and more insightful perspective than has already been published elsewhere. At the end of the day we're looking for an article which absolutely 'must' be published because it brings something new to the table.

How to present an article?

We're looking for people with a real gift of presenting an argument. The process begins with a catchy headline which makes the reader want to know more. The article should then open with an opinionated and perhaps contentious sentence, going on to present a point of view using well reasoned argument (and example). We welcome articles which link to content on other sites, provided it's of a similar quality to that on SkiddMark and enhances the story. The article should finish off by reinforcing the point of view being made, using a punchy closing sentence or humorous anecdote.

It goes without saying that your article needs to be unique and of original provenance.

Guest posts should..

  1. Address a contemporary issue - we like to read about the latest topics and we believe our readers do too. Historic and classics have their place, but you'll need to add a genuinely new perspective - 'Greatest F1 Drivers' has been done many times, so think of something fresh.
  2. Require the minimum of copy editing - part of what we offer is publishing your work on the web's best looking automotive platform. We'll help find and create the artwork, add further insights and promote your article through our social channels. But you must be able to articulate your point of view clearly.
  3. Be non-promotional - there's a time and a place for promotional posts, but that's not what we're seeking from our guest contributors. Instead we're looking for unbiased insights from people with a real passion for motoring.

Test drives and reviews

Every now and again we are invited to attend the press launches for new cars, and join media presentations for race teams or motorsport events. When we have the time we also conduct our own reviews.

If you believe you have the skills and you'd like to participate, then please make your pitch below, showing us (through past examples) what you could offer as an official SkiddMark reviewer.

For the right pitch we could provide photographers, filming equipment and other such tools. We might also arrange sponsorship and financial support to help you create a great story. It all depends on the story and the extent of your imagination..

Your pitch should include..

  1. Synopsis - send us an outline of the topic you'd like to cover, with the opening paragraph (in full) and the narrative style of the article (satirical/interview/OpEd/essay).
  2. Examples - we need to see examples of your writing style and tone of voice, this makes it much easier for us to assess your fit, although we realise first-time writers will be unable to cite previously published work.
  3. Who you are - our guest blogging program is designed to promote the editorial contributions of writers to a wider audience. We therefore need to know you well enough to do so.

We normally respond to all queries within 24 hours, but if for some reason you don't receive a reply, please reach out to us on our Twitter feed.


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