Audi TTS faces Porsche Cayman

I have been driving around in the new Audi TTS for the past few days, as we prepare to compare it with the Porsche Cayman later this week, and I am really looking forward to the outcome.

I realise how unlikely my next statement will sound, but I suspect the Cayman will have a fight on its hands. In fact the conclusion is far from inevitable since Ingolstadt has created something very special in the new TTS.

Being a TT Mk2 owner myself (although also a former Boxster owner, just in case you accuse me of bias) I am genuinely surprised how capable the TTS has already proven to be. It improves on the regular TT in every conceivable area and lifts it from being a nice place to be, to a genuine drivers car. Up until recently I also owned a B7 RS4 and the TTS turns in with much less of a nose-led bias and with more adjustability and poise. Who would have thought Audi would allow an S-model to drive with RS-levels of ability?

Rather than merely relying on its 4 wheel-drive safety net the TTS lets the driver play with it in corners, with the kind of throttle control that is usually the preserve of big capacity normally aspirated engines. In fact Audi have worked wonders with the TTS engine, more torque at the bottom-end than the regular 2.0 TFSi plus more power at the top-end, where the standard engine can feel a little breathless. Then there is the induction howl that emerges above 5000 rpm. This is a proper sports car, which is something I never thought I would say about the Audi TT.

In fact the TTS is so talented, that after 2 days of driving I cannot think of a single area where it needs improving. Except for the colour.

Let’s see if the future’s still bright for our TTS when it squares up to Porsche’s finest.