• 15.07.2008

BMW 123d vs Nissan 350Z

So we went all the way to the Nürburgring and discovered that ‘diesel’ and ‘fun’ aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact the 123d was – whisper it – more fun than the petrol-engined 135i in many ways. Maybe our expectations were lower, maybe it punched above its weight because the 1-Series Coupe has done thousands of development miles around the Nordschleife – but we were thoroughly impressed by BMW’s sporty diesel on road and track. Now we’re keen to know if any of you ditched the high-revving thrills of a petrol engine and turned to the dark side? Or maybe you’re about to make that leap? Let us know your thoughts on ‘performance diesels’ and our twin-test here. Go to Features to see the full test and DR TV for the video