BMW M3 Racer

This vid of a new M3 racer has been doing the rounds the past few days. Despite looking despicably sexy, it might not be the ALMS entry some people are speculating about.

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Word on the street is that the ALMS won’t allow BMW to enter an M3 into the series because it isn’t a ‘coupe’, which does seem a churlish twist of semantics. If they were to allow a BMW to qualify for the regs, it would need to be an M6. So, if this thing isn’t for the ALMS, where will it race?

Almost certainly the Nurburgring. The VLN championship there is getting bigger and higher-profile by the day and people are increasingly miffed at Porsche’s domination of the series, and its successive wins in the 24hr event. I’ll stake a tenner that we see the car race in Germany before we see it in the ALMS. But then I had £50 on Coulthard winning the title back in ’02.