New, improved Drivers Republic – coming very soon

We have been rather busy these past few months designing and building our full website, and we will be launching the first phase of this during the next few days.  In the meantime, you might notice a slight performance impact as our developers migrate our content to a new environment tomorrow morning.

We have listened carefully to all the feedback you have provided and have concentrated on improving usability, as well as making it easier to view our content.  It is also a little more friendly to read on your iPhone/mobile devices.  The functionality we release this week represents around a third of what is being built.  The next phase will be released in a further 3-4 weeks time.

DR (your DR) will continue to evolve as you engage with us, so please keep your comments coming, we judge our success on the basis of how much you enjoy interacting with us, so your feedback really is welcome.