• 25.07.2008

Next Week on DR

Firstly, apologies for the lack of new content on the site this week. Since the launch of the new-look site we’ve had a few technical teething troubles that have taken some time to solve. Who said the web was easy? Whoever it was they were lying… Anyway, as you can see the Fiat 500 Abarth feature is up now, with the Audi TTS v Porsche Cayman to follow shortly.

Next week we’ll have the full Pikes Peak experience – with the feature coming first and then our very own ‘Climb Dance’ to follow. I’ve seen some of the footage and it’s awesome stuff. Don’t say I told you so, but Dickie is a bit of a hero for even contemplating getting in a 750bhp buggy and sliding his way to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately he still seems to be on Denver time and has hardly been seen in the office since…

I guess anything after the Pikes Peak footage is going to look a little limp, but we have just taken the new 911 C2S with PDK ‘box, new Aston Vantage 4.7 and Audi R8 to Silverstone and recorded times on the GP circuit. I won’t reveal the fastest car but judging by the entries to our guess-the-laptime competition the winner will be a surprise to the majority of you. Actually ‘winner’ might not be accurate as we did have a last minute entry that blew the others into the gravel traps in terms of pace and consistency. All will be revealed soon. By the way, our competition winner got within one-tenth of the lap time achieved by the fastest of our original trio.

The smooth expanse of Silverstone is hugely valuable in providing data about the ultimate capabilities of these cars, but it can also paint a picture of a dynamic make-up that never really manifests itself on the road. So as soon as we were ejected from the circuit (sorry for overrunning, guys!) we stomped over to Chris’ test routes in south Wales. It was, as you might think, an epic late night drive (punctuated by a superb curry in Deddington) and the next day reminded us all why we do this job. The feature will be live soon.

There’s also a big drive story with the new Maserati GranTurismo S coming up, Porsche are launching the C4S on Monday/Tuesday of next week and Chris has been driving VW’s Scirocco GT24 race car. And of course we’ll be driving Lamborghini’s LP560-4 in a couple of weeks. Oh and if you look at DR TV now you can see Chris’ green folly. It is a thing of beauty. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have been busy… it just hasn’t looked like it for a few days… Thanks for your patience.