Next week on DR

This may sound like an end of class announcement for a Hotel & Catering HND, but next week DR is going Italian. Well, mostly Italian.

Myself and Richard Meaden will be tasting, sorry testing products from opposing ends of the Fiat empire. He gets the new Quattroporte S, and I get the potentially delicious Fiat 500 Abarth.

Is there anything specific you want to know about either?

The Quattroporte is pretty familiar now, but the motor from the 8C should give it a welcome hint of afterburner.

But I’m all fired-up for this Abarth. I doubt it’ll teach a Clio Cup much in the driving department, but it should be a very, very desirable package. And it’s arriving just when people are looking at cheaper, smaller alternatives to their current cars. I will of course spend a few fleeting seconds assessing the cabin, styling and all the other boring tat, then use the rest of the day trying to see what slip angles it can sustain. Only joking. Oh, and if one of you neglects to ask me if the front seats are as outrageous as those in the old Strada Abarth, I will report back regardless.

Nearly forgot to mention that old Bovingdon is driving the new Mini Cooper S Works, but that didn’t really fit with my ‘Italian’ intro, so I didn’t mention it there. But if you want to know something specific about the Mini-that-should-be-called-a-Maxi, add a comment here.