Porsche push DFI technology

It may not be a matter of global importance, but the future direction of Porsche’s high performance engine development has been slightly up in the air since the company unveiled the new DFI units in the revised 997. Engineer Thomas Wassabch was happy to be quoted as saying he felt that this new motor was both stronger and more durable than the GT1 based engine that has served every Turbo/GT3/GT2 since 1999.

Well, eagle-eyed DR reader Greame Scullard has just spotted that Porsche is about to run DFI technology on the RS Spyder for the second half of the ALMS season. In fairness, they never denied that it could be fitted to any of their engines, but a race outing must be seen as a prelude to a road application. Further more, for those among us who were secretly gutted that the new Carrera engine could replace the old GT1 block in the high performance models, it has now been taken out to 4 litres for the 997 RSR GT2 racer. Now this must prompt speculation that the second generation GT3 could use that engine.

Does it matter either way? Absolutely. The new DFI units are very impressive, as Jethro can confirm after driving the new C4/C4S, but they have none of the character of the older engine and it would be a tragedy to lose the old soldier from the range altogether. What we really need to see is those direct injection heads fitted to the RSR motor some time soon, then we’ll have a strong indication that the new GT3 will continue to use one of the most enjoyable engines ever produced. However, whether it’ll get the PDK ‘box, and whether the controls will have been made logical enough for human operation is another story.