Audi RS6 Saloon First Drive

I used to think that only mad people bought Audi RS saloons. With BMW mostly refusing to build estate versions of the M cars, and Mercedes always going down their own route with automatic transmissions and less driving dynamics on the AMG tackle (now being reversed with some style on the C63, it must be said), if you wanted a fast, practical family wagon, an RS4 or an RS6 was the way forward. But then back in 2004, the last RS4 arrived, and the situation changed somewhat. Here was a car that drove so well, you didn’t need to work-around any dynamic deficiencies by opting for the estate version and explain the non-BMW purchase on grounds of practicality. Just to confirm this, Quattro Gmbh engineering boss Stephan Reil told me that 67 percent of all RS4s sold were saloons. Even now, he says, they’re staggered by that figure.


Then let us know what you think.

“Is the Avant still the only way to buy an Audi RS model, or has the RS4 changed that perception? ”