• 15.10.2008

UPDATE: Scuderia v LP560-4 v GT2

15th October 2008 – second update

Well the good news is that we’ve brought the cars back together again, all of them now in rude health and ready to be tested to the limit.

The bad news is that Silverstone today was a washout.  Who said we were in the middle of an Indian-summer?

We recorded some good video of them all going sideways and there are some epic audio files that will appear on the site shortly, but we’d hoped to rerun our lap times which unfortunately we were unable to do.

The chaps have headed away tonight in search of some nice open roads to film the remainder of the feature so we will publish the digital magazine next week.

Most memorable observation from today was how sublime the LP560-4 was in the rain compared to the other two – Chris reckons he spun it three times but from where Neil and I were standing it was utterly awesome, you’ll enjoy seeing a Lambo being drifted as God intended.

The GT2 was… edgy.  Dickie made every effort to perform for the cameras, but with its Michelin Cup Sport tyres on a flooded track he was never likely to achieve the balletic form of the LP560-4.

Jethro found it even more challenging in the Scuderia.  Amazed at how sideways the Manettino settings would allow the Ferrari to become before eventually intervening, but on this sodden track its throttle response made the GT2’s seem downright friendly.

So, in our Silverstone re-examination the LP560-4 held a clear advantage, it sounded by far the best, was lapping miles faster than the other two and ‘looked’ the most enjoyable to drive.

Now on to the road section of our test and hopefully some drier weather to even the score.


12th August 2008 – first update

It was going to be The Big Test – and it felt pretty special when a metallic grey Ferrari 430 Scuderia pulled up alongside the bright white GT2 and candy orange LP560-4 that had been waiting for it at Bruntingthorpe. The schedule was straightforward but bloody hell it was exciting – straight line figures up to 180mph or so in the morning at Brunters, an evening on the Silverstone GP circuit followed by a night time dash across to north Wales and a full day on the brilliant roads there.

But having spent weeks trying to get this test together it all went wrong quite early on, with one of the cars suffering a technical fault and leaving our plans in tatters. Oh well, these things happen. We’ll be recreating the test in the next 2-3 weeks and to be honest I’m even more excited by it now we’ve had a bit of a preview. Not quite all was lost on the day, as we managed to get some video footage of the cars in action. We’re working on a short but sweet edit that’ll go up early next week, which will hopefully go some way to compensate you for the delay. Believe me, we share your pain.

One thing’s for certain: when it happens this promises to be an extraordinary test. The LP560-4 – which I drove on the launch in Las Vegas – feels miles better than those early cars: everything from the e-gear ‘box to the ride quality and the epic power delivery seem of an entirely different order. On UK roads it’s outstanding. The Porsche is just outrageous: terrifyingly fast and yet with a control that you wouldn’t believe for a rear-drive, rear-engined car with 523bhp. You might expect it to feel a bit ‘ordinary’ in this company but nothing could be further from the truth.

And the Ferrari? Well, it’s rubbish… Only joking. It’s just as good as we remember: crammed with technology that actively enhances the experience and helps you make the absolute most of every single revolution that the incredible V8 engine can give. It’s focus extends beyond the track too. On the road it seems to glide over the surface yet nail itself to any apex you point it at. It really is a remarkable piece of kit. Whether it can match the sheer thrill of the loopy GT2 and the drama and intensity of the LP560-4 we’ll find out soon enough… I hope you don’t mind waiting just a little bit longer.