Nissan 370Z – what do you want to know?

DR is off to sunny LA to drive the Nissan 370Z next week (yeah we know, tough life and all that). The programme is purely road based but we should get two full days of driving on everything from dull freeways to proper passes that run through the Californian hills.

We’re already huge fans of the 350Z and so hope and expect a smaller, lighter and more agile version with a bit more power and a tighter focus on Cayman-bashing to be great. We’ll bring you a full page-turning feature and video as soon as we can, but as ever we really want to know what you’d like to hear about the new Zed.

Please let us know and we’ll try to answer all of your questions. And if one of you could ask what it’s like with traction control disabled we’d really appreciate it…