• 30.04.2009

First Drive: Clio Renaultsport 200 – Follow us live on Twitter

Jethro Bovingdon tests the new 200hp Clio Renaultsport 200 and will be posting his first impressions on Twitter today (30th March). Follow him as he finds out how it compares to its much loved predecessor.

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By sending Jethro your tweets you can ask him questions about the car and provide him with feedback, just sign-up to Twitter, select DriversRepublic and then ‘follow’. That’s it, you’ll now be sent updates within your Twitter account and can interact with us on either your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry etc), via the webpage or even using an application on your desktop.

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Day 1:

“New GT. 128bhp. Driving 200 Cup later on circuit” – JB

“Just about to head out on track” – JB

“Keeping busy inbetween sessions”- JB

“The real Clio Cup. 205bhp and 1060kg. “- JB