• 15.05.2009

DR TV: Jaguar XFR at Donington

During our week with the XFR we tested it in a wide variety of situations; from motorway cruiser to rush-hour commuter, we used it for the weekly shop and drove it along some of the most scenic roads in middle-England. Since it remained unfazed by all these challenges Jethro Bovingdon decided to take it far away from its natural habitat and join a Paddock Club RMA trackday at Donington Park circuit.

Did it melt under the pressure? Was it outclassed by far less powerful machines? Well you’d better watch the video to find out.

Jethro also met up with DR reader and Lotus 2 Eleven owner, Matt Bailey, and took him out for a ride around the circuit to gain an independent perspective.

Watch the video on DR TV.

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