• 20.05.2009

VLN 24 hours of Nurburgring – Follow us live on Twitter

This weekend Dickie Meaden races Aston’s V12 Vantage at the Nurburgring 24 hours and you can follow his exploits live on Twitter. You can also take a look at our video of his qualifying lap from a recent round of the VLN, which will shows you what to expect.



Watch the video on DR TV.

Click the image below to watch the Aston V12 in action in the previous VLN race (Driver: Oliver Mathai):

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By sending Dickie your tweets you can ask him questions about the race, provide him with feedback (and keep him awake during the 24 hours), just sign-up to Twitter, select DriversRepublic and then ‘follow’. That’s it, you’ll now be sent updates within your Twitter account and can interact with us on either your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry etc), via the webpage or even using an application on your desktop.

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DAY 1:

[+] “Arrived at the ‘Ring in preparation for this weekend’s 24hour race. Aston V12 being prepped for first run tomorrow ” – RM

[+] “A bit early for pre-race nerves I know, but seeing my name on the car got a few butterflies fluttering” – RM

[+] “Currywurst mit fries: the lunch of Nurburgring champions” – RM

[+] “Manthey 911 basking in the pitlane. Can Olaf’s team win the N24 yet again? Probably..” – RM

[+] “Lexus LF-A looking more awesome than ever. You have to hear these things to believe it. Shares garage 10 with Astons” – RM

[+] “Old Opel Manta is an N24 legend. This looks like its last year though. Hope it finishes (with foxtail on the aerial!)” – RM

[+] “The coveted N24 driver decal has been applied to my crash helmet! This weekend’s race now feels that bit closer” – RM

DAY 2:

[+] “This Toyota iQ was parked outside the Dorint hotel this morning. Gazoo Racing run the Lexus LF-As. Cool or what? ” – RM

[+] “Another shot of the Gazoo iQ” – RM

[+] “It’s not all modern metal racing at the N24. Here’s a lovely Ford Escort from the ‘Youngtimer’ support race.” – RM

[+] “And here’s a 911 from the same race. Nice eh?” – RM

[+] “The boys have fitted the extra lights for night practice. Rain is forecast. I’m now getting quite nervous…” – RM

[+] “Night qualifying completed without incident, despite torrential rain. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session” – RM

DAY 3:

[+] “Stickers on! Another race car joins the DR fold…” – RM

[+] “Qualifying about to start: 180 cars flat out!” – RM

[+] “This Aussie monster is in our class (SP8). Sounds awesome and spits sheets of flame. What a great car” – RM

[+] “You need serious wheels to get to the best photo and video locations around the ‘Ring. Step forward the Disco G4 ” – RM



[+] “Chris Porritt getting in the zone before the start. Or is he asleep? ” – RM

[+] “Couldn’t resist another shot of the Mal Rose Racing Holden. Hopefully we’ll stay ahead of them come 4pm Sunday ” – RM

[+] 15:52 CET – “Here’s the Aston on the grid. Chaotic as ever. Now out on warm-up lap. Race starts in 8mins!” – RM

[+] 15:53 CET – “Chris Porritt to start, them me (at around 1745) followed by Dr Bez and Oliver Mathai in around dusk. Hot at the moment.” – RM

[+] 16:45 CET – “Pole position Ford GT and Manthey Porsche going hammer and tongs for 45mins now. Amazing stuff. Works teams having a nightmare: the quickest Lexus LF-A suffered driveshaft failure, two Audi R8s are out and the GT4 M3 in pit for 20mins. I’m due in car in 30mins or so, so forgive me for a few hours of non-tweeting.” – RM

[+] 19:15 CET – “Just out of car after my first stint. Absolutely buzzing, if a tad hot. What madness this race is. I love it! That first stint was awesome fun. The V12 is great in the traffic: Bwaaaaaarrr-Bwaaaarrrr!!!!” – RM

[+] Photo courtesty of ADAC

[+] 20:30 CET – “Car in for third stop: Bez out Mathai in.” – RM

[+] 20:30 CET – “Current positions in Class SP8 – 1st #12 Corvette C6, 2nd #7 Aston V12, 3rd #44 Holden Commodore. Get it on Dickie!” – SD

[+] 20:30 CET – “Picture of concentration on Aston Martin ‘prat perch’. The guys won’t leave the pitlane all race” – RM

[+] 21:30 CET – “Picture of Dickie in the Aston lifting a wheel at Brunchen”
– Photo courtesty of Andy Mulholland

[+] 22:20 CET – “Lexus in for a scheduled stop. Pitlane looks brilliant at night. Chris Porritt back in car. Should do 9 or 10 laps then I’m back in.” – RM

[+] 01:08 CET – “SP8 position update as per 23:59 CET – 1st #12 Corvette C6, 2nd #7 Aston V12 Vantage, 3rd #14 Lexus LF-A. 9 hours down, 15 to go.” – SD

[+] Photo courtesty of ADAC

[+] 05:00 CET – “Half an hour or so from my third stint. Dawn is coming, and not a moment too soon. Just the eleven hours to go….” – RM

[+] 07:00 CET – “Not long finished my third stint. Up to 24th place and first in class! SP8 leading Corvette crashed out, while the Lexis threat has subsided” – RM

[+] 08:00 CET – “I’m feeling good. The sunrise always energises me, especially if I’m driving (which I was). Glare was bad but an unforgettable experience” – RM

[+] 09:00 CET – “Drama for No.7 Aston. Mathai got rear puncture (fortunately late in the lap) but a wheelnut was tightened cross-threaded. Will it come off?” – RM

[+] 09:00 CET – “Sainz Scirocco just had big shunt. Hit slower car square up the chuff at high speed. Front end completely destroyed.” – RM

[+] 09:00 CET – “No. 8 Aston had a puncture too – ”
– Photo courtesty of Andy Mulholland

[+] 09:00 CET – ” I overtook Katsura-san as he was limping the car back to the pits. Tons of debris on track means high risk of punctures” – RM

[+] 10:00 CET – “Boys still going strong on pitwall, fuelled by a heady brew of espresso, red bull, nicotine and adrenaline.” – RM

[+] 10:20 CET – “we are currently leading the class and 22nd overall. My nerves are shredding already!” – RM

[+] 10:30 CET – “#7 about to come in for scheduled stop” – RM

[+] 10:30 CET – “And it’s in!” – RM

[+] 10:40 CET – “Just been interviewed by the boys from Radio Le Mans. If you haven’t already checked their commentary feed out do so now!” – RM

[+] 11:30 CET – “SP8 Class update: 1st #7 Aston V12 Vantage, 2nd #11 Audi RS4, 3rd #16 Lexus IS-F. Can we stop the race now? ;)” – SD

[+] 12:09 CET – “Dickie has just got in the car for his final stint. John Hindhaugh is suggesting that Aston could park the car for 3 hours and still win.. Nearest competitor is the Lexus IS-F. Aston’s V12 has been one of the most economical cars in the race. Amazing” – SD

[+] 14:03 CET – “I’m out of the car now, so I’m done. Car has a nasty vibration, so we’re trying to nurse ‘Elwood’ home.* *blue car, blues brother name. Our economy is down to Graham Humphry’s strategy. He’s a Group C veteran, so knows all about fuel strategies. Us drivers just follow orders!” – RM

[+] 14:30 CET – “By our reckoning the race has 9 laps to run. Oliver Mathai in car at the moment. Will pit in 3 laps. Aston’s CEO Dr Ulrich Bez to do last run” – RM

[+] 15:57 CET – “Waiting for the finish on the pitwall fence” – RM

[+] 16:20 CET – “We’ve only gone and bloody won the class. Wa-hey!!! Thanks to all of you who got twittering. It’s been great fun sharing the race with you” – RM
– Photo courtesty of Aston Martin

[+] 16:27 CET – “FINAL STANDINGS: Class SP8 – 1st # 7 (Bez / Poritt / Meaden / Mathai) Aston Martin V12 Vantage; 2nd # 11 (Booth / Martin / Owers / Scott) Audi RS4; 3rd # 16 (Morizo / Naruse / Katsumata / Takaki) Lexus IS-F. Car #7 – Team Aston Martin finishes 1st in class and 21st overall.” – SD

[+] 19:20 CET – “So here it is, the trophy! Weighs a ton and stands knee high. Mrs Meaden will be pleased when it sits on the tv!” – RM

[+] 19:20 CET – “And here’s the ‘other’ trophy: an ice cold glass of Bitburger. Cheers to all the members of the Aston Martin Team” – RM