New in-car video of BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe. But is it an M car?

Earlier today we questioned whether BMW’s new 1 Series M Coupe was a pukka M car in the mould of the M3, M5 & M6 or perhaps part of the new sub-class that ‘borrows’ some of M Division’s core values without truly ticking all the boxes.

BMW broke its own rules with the X6 M and X5 M, producing their first ever M cars with 4WD, an auto box not to mention the ‘small’ matter of their SUV girth and stature. We have also been worried about the trend away from bespoke high-revving engines towards what at first sight seems little more than modified versions of mainstream BMW powerplants.

It’s this last aspect combined with the 1 Series M Coupe’s likely kerb weight that provide this cause for concern.

We’ve now spotted a video (thanks to BMWBlog) that on the face of it should put our minds at rest. What do you think?

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