INTERVIEW: Music and Cars – SkiddMark meets Chicane

I don’t consider myself to be scared by speed. I’ve been on superbikes, blitzed through tunnels at full chat in Italian supercars, sat on the loud pedal for longer than I should on the Autobahn, but after my recent trip to the continent I’ve just had to recalibrate my sense of what is rapid acceleration.

Wind the clock back a couple of weeks and I’ve just hopped into the back of a discreet Audi B5 RS4 outside Geneva airport. The driver of said vehicle has a manic grin on his face as after no less than two minutes of pottering down Geneva’s high streets, he’s found the slip road to enter the road out of the world’s most neutral country and into the French Alps.

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What happens next is difficult to describe. You see, this particular RS4 has been passionately and lovingly tinkered with in every way imaginable. The headline change however is that this car has now become the ultimate sleeper due to the fact it puts out in excess of 600bhp. Yes, more than six hundred brake horsepower. Yikes.

Flat out in the outside lane is RS4 home territory

Coming off the slip road, our intrepid host holds the car in second, allows the road to slightly straighten then points the nose of the scarlet monster at the gorgeous horizon and stamps on the accelerator. I feel like Nelson Piquet must have when pointing and squirting his 1983 turbo-charged Brabham BMW around tracks of yesteryear.

The power delivery is so savage and brutal that shifting to third isn’t even considered – it’s straight from second into fourth within a blink of an eye, a few more seconds and blurred Swiss scenery later we’re in fifth before shortly snatching sixth. Does my travel insurance cover this? Despite the stiffer suspension and lower ride height, the RS4 is still doing an excellent impression of a cinemagoer craning their neck upwards having sat too close to the front.

Now with the outside lane barrier whisking past me at speeds usually appropriate for commercial planes to take off at, I spot in the side mirror my colleague with the myriad camera equipment in his hands grinning like an idiot. As he points the rolling camera to the driver perhaps expecting a smug quote about the manic performance of his car, instead the man behind the wheel coolly sighs and declares, “Hmm, it’s definitely slower with a couple of people in the car, definitely.” This man is also obviously unfazed by extreme speed.

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