Citroen’s Survolt turns ‘Art Car’

We need very little encouragement to show more pictures of Citroën’s Survolt concept car, and it seems neither do Citroën. Fresh from its UK duel against an electric superbike – the first head-to-head of its kind – the stunning all-electric Survolt racecar concept has been recharged with a bold, vivid and brightly contrasting new fluorescent paint scheme by Francoise Nielly.

A source of inspiration for the original styling of Survolt, renowned contemporary artist Francoise Nielly worked closely with Citroën’s design team to create this exciting new interpretation of Citroën’s 100% electric racer – the Survolt ‘Art Car’.

My preference would be for a completely Stealth Black finish, reminiscent of the Batmobile from the 1989 film Batman Returns, but maybe we’ll see that in Citroën’s next incarnation of the Survolt.