France’s Gendarmerie select 70 Megane R.S. for pursuit fleet

Renault have won a deal to supply the Gendarmerie Nationale with a replacement for their fleet of rapid intervention vehicles, a total 70 Mégane R.S. vehicles in Gendarmerie guise will be delivered starting from the end of 2010.

The Gendarmerie has chosen the “Chassis Cup” version with its extremely precise handling, particularly at high speeds, assisted by a high-performance limited-slip differential and 18-inch tires ensuring the best possible transfer of engine power.

The generously sized brakes were also a decisive factor behind the choice, making high-speed driving safer. You can just imagine the Assistant Commissionaire for purchasing running his finger down the list of options… Cup Chassis? bien sûr! Gros freins? Qui!

Mégane Renault Sport - a favourite amongst enthusiasts AND the law keepers. Mais Non!

The powertrain characteristics, and the engine in particular, were adapted to meet the specific needs of the Gendarmerie in terms of acceleration and speed, which are said to be vital to its work.

Well, we’d all say that if we were in their position, wouldn’t we?

Renault has previously provided the Gendarmerie Nationale with models from its sports range, including the Alpine A110 and A310 and the Renault 21 2-litre turbo.