Emerson Fittipaldi shares his thoughts on last weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix

Double world champion and Lotus Brand Ambassador Emerson Fittipaldi was interviewed by Group Lotus following last weekend’s Malaysian GP. In the interview he shares his thoughts on Kimi Raikkonen’s return to Formula One, and takes a look at the performances of Romain Grosjean, Michael Schumacher and Sergio Perez.

Somewhat surprisingly, there’s no mention of Fernando Alonso, who won the grand prix and now leads the drivers’ championship.

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Anyway, here is what he said:

Double world champion and Lotus Ambassador Emerson Fittipaldi gives us his thoughts on last weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix..

Lotus: This season is shaping up to be a classic. Have you been on the edge of your seat too?

Fittipaldi: The racing is better than last year and it’s good to see the teams closing in and in some cases being even faster than the Red Bulls. Of course it’s a great field with six world champions and a lot of new talent.

Lotus: Just two races in, and Kimi Raikkonen looks like he’s lost none of his speed. Are you surprised how quickly he’s got back to grips with F1?

Fittipaldi: I am surprised that it has taken no time for Kimi to be back at the top of his form. Michael Schumacher is on form this year too, but it took him two years to get back in the groove. Kimi was on it from the very first test.

Lotus: Romain Grosjean once again qualified strongly but ended in the gravel within four laps. What advice would you give him?

Fittipaldi: The same advice I’d give any driver, especially a young one: first you have to finish, then you can finish first.

Lotus: As a driver pairing, how good a partnership do you think Kimi and Romain make compared to the teams around them?

Fittipaldi: There are good pairings all around, and Lotus is no exception. With Kimi racing so well and Romain showing a lot of speed the pair will keep each other honest and the results will come.

Lotus: We had a red flag period for nearly an hour due to rain. How difficult is it for a driver psychologically when a race is suspended?

Fittipaldi: I’m totally in favour of stopping the race in critical aquaplaning conditions. There is nothing the driver can do to defend himself in these conditions. I actually believe the red flag period in this case to be beneficial to the drivers, they can enter again and re-start the race at their best.

Lotus: Lotus once again proved they are quick, but due to Kimi’s gearbox penalty they perhaps don’t have the optimum result. How do you think the E20 ranks compared to the McLaren, the Red Bull, the Mercedes and the Ferrari?

Fittipaldi: Lotus has made the most progress of any team. I am happy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my 1972 World Championship with Lotus and see the marque becoming a serious contender in F1 again. I know so many of the people involved I am sure that they will get the job done. I have a lot of respect for the new management and especially for my friend Eric Boullier.

Lotus: In mixed-weather conditions, experience usually comes to the fore. How impressed were you with Sergio Perez, in just his second season, challenging for the lead like he did?

Fittipaldi: I have known Sergio since he was in karting, and he’s always been fast. He is Mexico’s new hope in F1, and this is great news. His strategy was perfect and he drove like a veteran, turning in the fast laps when it mattered and making everybody follow.

Lotus: You achieved success in F1 at an incredibly early age. What do you think is going through Sergio’s head right now? And how much is he daydreaming about Ferrari?

Fittipaldi: I think that he is taking things one at a time, and trying to do his best this season. Today he showed again that he is very focused, so I wouldn’t say he’s daydreaming just dealing with the present.