HPI helps singles survive the dating scene and avoid a relationship write-off

The dating game can be hit and miss, sometimes with heartbreaking consequences. But those looking for the perfect match need worry no more. Vehicle information expert, HPI, is today trialling a new service to help singletons tell a dream date from a relationship write-off.

HPI already spots thousands of dodgy vehicles every year – protecting used car buyers from making expensive mistakes. Now the new ‘HPI Check for Singletons’, available on April 1st only, is set to do the same. It will provide a history check on would-be partners – are they a write-off, do they have outstanding debt, have they been in trouble with the police or been around the block more times than they admit? HPI suggests that 1 in 3 people could be hiding a history they would rather not share with their partner.

“There are plenty of stories of the broken-hearted on Twitter and Facebook, so we know there’s huge demand for a service similar to our used car history check,” explains Kris Welch, Consumer Director for HPI. “That’s why we’re trialling today our new ‘HPI Check for Singletons’ to help people looking for a partner arm themselves with the facts. They will be able to date with the confidence that they won’t be taken in by someone with a murky past.”

There are plenty of stories of the broken-hearted on Twitter and Facebook, so we know there’s huge demand for a service similar to our used car history check

The inspiration for the service is taken from the market’s leading used car history service, the HPI Check. This confirms a vehicle’s description, whether it is currently recorded as stolen, been written-off by an insurance company, is subject to outstanding finance or has had a plate change.

In addition the HPI Check includes a mileage check as standard, offering added peace of mind to used car buyers that a mileage reading is genuine. HPI’s National Mileage Register (NMR) holds over 135 million mileage readings. What’s more, the HPI Check comes with a £30,000 Guarantee* in the event of the information it holds being inaccurate or incomplete

“The saying goes that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but cupid’s arrow could fall with greater precision if a partner history check were readily available,” continues Kristian Welch. “However, unlike our vehicle history check, our new ‘HPI Check for Singletons’ wouldn’t come with any guarantees.

We always advise people to think with their head not their heart. Passions can run high, whether you’re looking for a new mate or a new set of wheels, so we would urge our customers to do their research before they make any commitments.

In 2011 we conducted over 10 million used car history checks, which revealed that 1 in 3 cars had something to hide, and saved thousands of people from making a costly mistake – we hope the ‘HPI Check for Singletons’ will prove just as effective at helping people steer clear of a prospective partner that may not be all that they seem.”