Lexus LF-LC Blue concept showcases the company’s most powerful Hybrid Drive system

After first appearing at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year, for this week’s Sydney Motor Show, Lexus has swapped the LF-LC’s burning red exterior for a lustrous Opal Blue finish, inspired by the natural base colour of the Australian gemstone.

But it’s not just the colour of Lexus’ sports coupe concept that has received a makeover – the petrol-electric system of its Advanced Hybrid Drive system now produces a maximum of 500bhp thanks to a new high-energy battery pack, more than any previous Lexus hybrid installation. The new battery pack is designed to deliver greater power from a smaller unit than those used in Lexus’s current full hybrid model range.

Don’t raise your hopes of seeing the LF-LC on the road though – the company has already confirmed it will remain a ‘concept’, but will influence future Lexus sports models.

Some of those influences are likely to include the use of lightweight carbon fibre, based on experiences gained in the development of the LFA supercar – most notably in combining carbon fibre and aluminium alloy materials in its construction to achieve a light body mass.

So, the concept hints at what is to come from Lexus, which is now actively working on translating the LF-LC into a range of hybrid sports cars that will take on the likes of BMW’s i8 and Audi’s R8 e-tron. If that’s not good enough reason to raise our hopes, then I don’t know what else is.