MINI Paceman: Now in kit form..

Well perhaps they’re not technically selling it as a kit, but that’s how it looks on display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The display is called ‘MINI KAPOOOW! A journey of inspiration’ and it’s been created by Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design and his team. As you’ll no doubt have noticed, the Paceman is wedged mid-way into a solid wall, and there’s a reason for that.


The design is supposed to show how the Paceman crosses the boundaries of space and undergoes a transformation of its materials and forms. At the rear, a highly dynamic sculpture exploding in an energy-charged process, connected with the people whose profiles are anticipated at the front end. At the front, the use of paper symbolises the “prototyping” of a creative process.


It’s one of those concepts, which let’s face it, you could look at for ages and see your own reality within.. or you could always sit down near the MINI Paceman Garage and have a bite to eat. Because that’s just one of its uses (as a swanky backdrop) to the six-day programme of events at Salone del Mobile, which include DJ sets, cooking sessions and meet and greet gatherings held under the banner of MINI KAPOOOW!

If you’re sufficiently tempted, the @MINI Paceman Garage be on display at Via Tortona 20, Milan, between 9th and 14th April. Visit the website for more details.