Angie Voluti

Italian-born Angie Voluti has served 15 years in the car industry in a variety of media/product PR and Marketing roles for the likes of Lamborghini, Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. She is a natural communicator, with a talent for expressing life in the most lively and engaging way. In her spare time... actually she’s got kids, so she doesn’t have any spare time. Visit Angie's website.

Intercepting Desire

You have been a good boy all year and feel you deserve a treat. How about a special car?

Note the violent bias towards the male gender: we shall be talking about unadulterated lust for a set of wheels here, not Louboutin shoes.

What do women look for in a car?

What do women look for in a car? Are automotive desires really gender specific? And can a male-dominated motor industry satisfy them? Angie Voluti examines car culture from a feminine perspective.

PERSPECTIVE: What’s in a Name?

“When you talk, you sound like Super Mario on our Nintendo game,” my children tease.

“Do I?” “Yes. It’s funny.”

Doesn’t the Italian language and/or the Italian accent sound… unusual, to the Brits? Exotic, perhaps? Sexy, even?