Ben Foulds

Ben is studying languages at Exeter University and spent the last year abroad in Modena furthering his education (presumably of the infinite choices of gelato and the nearby prancing ponies). He has served internships at CAR Magazine and Autocar and is working towards a full time career in motoring journalism when he graduates in 2011. His passion for all things automotive brings with it a deep interest in the changes experienced in the car industry, and our altering perceptions towards it. Oh, and an irrational love for the Vauxhall VXR8. You can follow Ben on Twitter at @LockingWheelNut.

Sideways Glance – November 8th

Welcome to this week’s review of last week’s happenings in the motor industry, which comes to you from a rather messy student abode in almost downtown Exeter. We start this week with the announcement of the shortlist for the 2011 European Car of the Year award, which comprises the following seven automotive talents:

End of the road for the Turbo-Nutter?

As a lad growing up, I remember the pleasure that could be derived from the latest rally video game: whether it was the joy of executing the perfect hairpin on a dusty gravel track (one out of every 500 attempts you understand!), or the hair-raising excitement of blitzing through quaint French villages at unsociable speeds, it drew me in like a monkey to a car roof. Hell, even the frustration of stuffing the car into every single tree bordering a slippery snow course had a certain satisfaction to it.