Nicholas Goldberg

Nicholas is a keen auto enthusiast, who has focussed his career in journalism and marketing specifically in the auto industry. He has gained experience writing for Autocar magazine, as well as content writing and marketing for Nissan Europe and the JDM All-Stars Drift Championship, to name just a few. Nicholas also currently runs an automotive events company - The Real Gran Turismo - where you can join him as he leads driving tours from the UK to destinations across Europe.

Track Tested: Ginetta G40 R

The Ginetta G40 R is not your average sports car, and, I think it fair to say, carries more than the weight of a hopeful profit margin on its shoulders. Indeed, the future of Ginetta as a road car manufacturer may indeed hinge on the success of both the G40 and the G60 as road cars, both soon to be released and as seen here, and in near production ready form.

Hot Wheels go from Miniature to Magnificent in 3D

Which automotive company could you imagine launching a technology rich visual feast, featuring 3-dimensional oversized graphics and super-quick racing cars. Would it be Ferrari? McLaren maybe? Well, had we not already given the game away in the headline, you would be forgiven for assuming I was talking about one of these iconic sports car brands.

F1: News from Barcelona

And so from the Paddock in Barcelona, where the glitz and glamour of the F1 season is already in full swing. We got together with the team from Edge Global Events who have been reporting on the eventful test sessions this week in Barcelona.

Geneva Watch: Rolls-Royce 102EX – A Very British Success Story

Geneva has certainly been rocking these last few days, as manufacturers struggle to get their exhibition entries ready for the critical gaze of the public eye. As you would imagine, Geneva is the largest automotive exhibition of the year and it is essential that automotive brands in development, in terms of both image and technology, have something that stands out at the show.

Uwe Gemballa Found Executed in South Africa

Uwe Gemballa, CEO of Gemballa Automobiletechnik, famed tuner of Porsche sports cars, was found murdered in Pretoria, South Africa at the weekend.

Mr Gemballa was found murdered in the style of an execution, with his hands tied behind his back and a bullet wound in the back of the head. He was reportedly in South Africa on business looking to close a deal which would see his cars being sold in the region.