What Was The First BMW M Car?

Learn when the first M Series BMW came out and the history

Do you know what letter has been established as the most potent in the world? Hypothetically, it’s M — for the ultimate driving machine from the legendary BMW. You may not believe it, but the illustrious BMW M’s roots extend far beyond what you may realize. BMW initially designed this racing subsidiary to facilitate the … Read more

McLaren P1 Vs. Porsche 918 Spyder Vs. La Ferrari

Is Ferrari better than McLaren or Porsche? Let's find out

If you’re looking to buy a hypercar and want good performance, look no further than the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and LaFerrari. They’re all super speedy but is there one faster than the others? Read to find out! Taking the opportunity arising from the recent release of Ferrari’s new LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche … Read more

Where Can I Watch McLaren Tooned?

Find all about this F1 cartoon

Mclaren Tooned is an animation by the company, lasting over four years, from 2012 to 2016. The Formula 1 edition of Sky Sports channel aired these three-minute short episodes before the race. Over the seasons, it had various cast members, the majority being Formula 1 drivers. Where To Watch McLaren Tooned As the original productions’ … Read more

Are Lotus Cars Reliable?

Learn if Lotus is a trusted brand or not

After its inception and mild success in the early 50s, the Lotus brand was tagged with an acronym, “Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious,” in the 60s. When Lotus released their first car, the Lotus Elan, consumers and critics met it with a positive response because it was a major advancement in British engineering. Unfortunately, this … Read more

Audi TT Window Problems: How to Fix Them

How to solve the issues of Audi TT windows when they won't go all the way up and down

Your Audi TT is most likely fitted with an automatic power window feature that lets you easily open and close the car’s windows with the touch of a button. Some owners of the Audi TT models might face issues with opening and closing the car’s windows. These problems are usually about the windows stopping midway … Read more

Why Was Dany Bahar Fired At Lotus?

Learn what happened to Dany Bahar at Lotus

Lotus is a British automotive company located in Norfolk, England. This company is famous for manufacturing lightweight sports and racing cars that are known for fine handling. One of the company’s most prominent former employees was Danny Bahar. He occupied a senior position and spent a decent amount of time working with the team. However, … Read more

Hiromu Naruse Death: Toyota Chief Test Driver Dies In LFA Crash

Finding out how Hiromu Naruse passed away

On the morning of June 23rd, 2010, Toyota’s chief test driver returned to the garage. He had just completed another round in his yellow LFA Nürburgring sports car. It was his dream to drive one of the most powerful cars of that time. Toyota had only ever designed 500 models of the Lexus LFA, and … Read more

DRB-Hicom Sells Lotus Cars

Can I purchase a Lotus car from DRB-HICOM? Read my guide to find out

DRB-Hicom is one of the leading corporations in Malaysia that is involved in automotive manufacturing, assembling, and distribution. In addition, the company owns several motorcycle companies like Proton and Modenas. In 2015 DRB-Hicom and Lotus Group International Limited made a joint venture with a China car manufacturer. As a result, DRB-Hicom sells Lotus cars together … Read more

List Of The BMW M3 Performance Upgrades Of All Time

Learn what upgrades you need to make your BMW M3 perform better

Many BMWs are built to be excellent machines that are nearly impossible to rival or fault in the luxury or sports car market. From their aesthetics to their performance, most BMWs live up to the hype and often generate a lot of buzz from car enthusiasts and BMW loyalists alike. The one thing that could … Read more

Who Is Joe Saward?

Learn about Joe Saward

Only a few people can compare Joe’s knowledge and expertise in the field of GP. He can reach prominent figures and offer lucid insight into the sometimes complex Formula 1 industry. Since mid-1998, Joe has attended every Grand Prix, including events held during the pandemic. Joe has authored editorials for several magazines and newspapers and … Read more