Motor Shows

Land Rover teases with its All-New Defender Concept

For those of us open to change, the DC100 is a pure tease – we want it NOW, Land Rover should cancel those design clinics and start producing it immediately, but this is a Defender Concept and Land Rover didn’t get to where they are now by ignoring the preferences of their most loyal customers.

Ford reveals the stunning Evos (w/VIDEOS)

This is the Ford Evos, a new design concept that bears a striking resemblance to a futuristic Mustang, or Capri, or.. who cares, let’s just hope they build it.

Ford describe it as “..the ultimate expression of Ford’s design and technology vision..” and that “..the Evos Concept introduces a new design direction for Ford..”

Peugeot goes time travelling with the HX1 Concept Car

By Peugeot’s own admission their HX1 is a prospective concept car, so there’s not the slightest change that you’ll see it on the roads anytime soon. It is designed to help envisage future solutions in architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, interior materials and the environment, plus not forgetting, of course, powerplants.

New images released of Audi’s Urban Concept

As we approach next month’s Frankfurt motor show, Audi has released a batch of new images showcasing their quirky 1+1-seat Urban Concept. Described as a technical study into the future mobility needs of city dwellers, the Urban Concept employs the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and sporty performance.

New spy pictures emerge of BMW’s New (F30) 3 Series

BMW’s New 3 Series is due to go on sale towards the end of this year, so these will surely be amongst the final spy shots before the production car is exposed. As we’ve seen from previous pictures the F30 3 Series looks almost like a scaled-down 5 Series – a sensible looking saloon.

The New Mercedes B-Class: brown paper bag not included..

Now we know why Mercedes released pictures of just the ‘inside’ of their new B-Class a few weeks ago. Despite liberal use of the word ‘sport’ in the press release, we can’t imagine many buyers choosing a B-Class for its external appearance or street cred. No, this is a car that’s all about the experience of travelling inside a luxurious and well-designed cabin – a characteristic it borrows from the much maligned R-Class.

Ferrari confirms retractable hard top for the new 458 Spider

In a world first for a mid-engined sports car, the 458 Spider is equipped with a Ferrari patented fully retractable hard top, but where most hard top convertibles gain significant weight during such a transition, Ferrari’s 458 Spider made entirely from aluminium is 25 kg lighter than a traditional folding soft-top weighing in at around 50kg more than the 458 Italia.

New Porsche 911: Is this now the best car in the world?

Whether or not you’re a fan of Porsche’s most enduring model, it’s impossible to ignore just how influential it has been in the world of motoring (and motorsport). At 48 years young, it might be getting on a bit and yet it shows no sign of stagnating. The 2010 911 GT3 R Hybrid became the world’s first hybrid to compete in an international GT championship. But the crowning glory of Weissach’s most iconic car is the role it plays as a benchmark for every other manufacturer to reach and (try to) beat.

Volkswagen’s message to Greenpeace – put-up! or shut-up!

I’ve made no secret of my disgust at Greenpeace’s recent anti-Volkswagen campaign, The Dark Side – it was misleading, divisive and downright ignorant. These raging activists took Volkswagen to task for their failure to sign up to more stringent CO2 targets in Europe, castigating them for lobbying against the proposed 30 per cent threshold that environmentalists were campaigning to become law.