Ken Block’s Snowboard rally

Take a look at this cool video featuring Ken Block mixing it with the DC snowboard team. Despite the impressive driving of Ken Block, it’s the snowboarders who come across as the real heroes..

Marc Duez – GT3 Road Challenge

“Here is a link to a clip of Marc Duez (Belgian Rally, and Track driver) performing his skills in a Porsche GT3. Check out what he is capable of on the ice & snow!!!” – Jerome Miller

RUF CTR – Faszination Nurburgring

“I think this is one of most stunning videos and showcases BRILLIANT and cold as ice (no helmet, 80s style short sleeve shirt) driving! and the car is ace, too!” – Andreas (from Austria)

Drifter Trikes

“If you’d fancy having a go at being the human rollerskate in SwissPass2, then you’d want to have a go at this as well then!” – almighty_wiggles.

SwissPass 2 – Jean-Yves Blondeau

This is one of those must-see videos, that we never tire of watching. It’s one of a series of videos produced by Swiss nutter Jean-Yves Blondeau.

Looking backwards

We all know that drag racers are quite fast, but we’ve never seen a more spectacular demonstration of the speed at which they cover ground than this video. Stunning.