What's this then?

While we were at Silverstone yesterday, getting some lap times for the Turbo, M6 and R8, we spied this thing on the access road to the Stowe circuit.

RUF CTR – Faszination Nurburgring

“I think this is one of most stunning videos and showcases BRILLIANT and cold as ice (no helmet, 80s style short sleeve shirt) driving! and the car is ace, too!” – Andreas (from Austria)

Drifter Trikes

“If you’d fancy having a go at being the human rollerskate in SwissPass2, then you’d want to have a go at this as well then!” – almighty_wiggles.

SwissPass 2 – Jean-Yves Blondeau

This is one of those must-see videos, that we never tire of watching. It’s one of a series of videos produced by Swiss nutter Jean-Yves Blondeau.

Porsche GT road cars – the future

At the Geneva show, we spoke to Porsche board member Wolfgang Durheimer, Executive Vice President – R&D; and Andreas Preuninger, Manager, High Performance cars.

Nissan GT-R Estate – whatever next?

So it’s unoffical (and Nissan have no plans on making one), but it’s such a credible adaptation of the iconic GT-R that we just had to take notice. An estate version of the GT-R?, sounds like a good idea..