Chris' column – 4th February 2009

So farewell then Chris Bangle: your capacity to cause controversy was limitless and your powers of persuasion were legendary.

On reflection, I think the motor industry will be a much, much poorer place without Chris Bangle who, after 17 years styling cars, has decided to go and ruffle feathers some place new.

New 435bhp GT3 revealed

The worst kept secret of 2009 has today been confirmed as fact: three years after it was first released, the Porsche 997 GT3 has been updated to reflect the redesign of the Gen2 997 and its all important new technology.

Does the GT1-based engine remain? And what about PDK? Well read on…

New Focus RS – final details revealed

After the success of our long-term Focus ST260 Mountune we’re eagerly awaiting our first drive in the new Focus RS. The Mountune upgraded demonstrated the depth of untapped potential within the Focus ST, and with the resources of Ford’s RS engineers we can only only imagine how much further they have taken the humble Focus.

Video: Mountune Focus ST v Graham Goode Racing Focus ST

What happens when you put our Focus ST260 Mountune together against a 300 bhp Graham Goode Racing Focus ST?

Well DR reader Vlad Ilyushchenko was kind enough to join us at Bruntingthorpe during our Hot Hatch shootout feature to find out. The 2-mile straight at Bruntingthorpe beckons and Chris Harris is our man in the Mountune ST..

Chris' column – 23rd January 2009

These past five years I have been searching for the perfect vehicular solution to my family’s motoring life. It has been an interesting quest through various price and market segments that has yet to yield a single, reliable solution to our needs.


Litchfield Imports

For over 11 years Litchfield Imports has been providing a highly competitive service that enables our customers to source amazing new and used cars…

Nissan releases details of the SpecV GT-R

It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity to hear details of Nissan’s more-focused version of its R35 GT-R, and at last the official silence has been broken.

We’ve become used to the leaner and meaner version of the GT-R being referred to as the V-Spec, but true to form (with this R35 model at least) Nissan have decided to break away from the past and this time call it the ‘SpecV’.