Usain Bolt limbers up in Maranello

World-record holder and gold medal winner Usain Bolt, experienced a special day out in Maranello yesterday, where he tested out a 458 Italia and 599 GTB Fiorano at Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit.

Lotus woos the Hollywood-set

You have to admire the ambition of Dany Bahar and his team at Lotus, despite doubts over the scale and achievability of their New Era strategy, they’ve certainly raised the brand’s profile during the two months since their Paris Motorshow bombshell.

Turning the small Norfolk car maker into a worthy Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche rival is on a par with Red Bull winning the F1 World Championship – an unlikely ambition and yet we’ve just witnessed the Austrian drinks company achieving just that.

Lotus set to unveil Metamorphosis

With all the shenanigans surrounding the recent Paris Motor Show, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Metamorphosis is yet another new Lotus model ready the join the Esprit, Elan, Elite, Elise and Eterne. Fear not, for Metamorphosis is in fact a unique collaboration between Lotus and the award winning French artist Gérard Rancinan – due to be revealed on Friday (12th November) at an exclusive VIP event in Los Angeles.

Crash the Need For Speed Launch Party in Los Angeles

EA (Electronic Arts) and KingSize USA are offering an advance-preview of the EA Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game launch in LA on Tuesday 16 November. The Philly based hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang will headline the event, which also features an all-night open bar.

Citroen’s DS3 becomes a music video hit with Pixie Lott

The 19-year old multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Pixie Lott, has teamed up with Citroën in the music video of her latest hit, Broken Arrow. Released earlier this week, the video follows Pixie in a free-fall of romantic scenes, both past and present, encountering lost loves and new relationships.

Brief Review: Pure Bentley iPad App

I’ve been taking a look at Bentley’s new iPad app that was launched earlier today. During the past month there’s been a bounty of iPad apps released by car makers, some of them acting as product showcases whilst others provide a more multi-media form of their customer magazine. If you’ve got yourself an iPad, then these apps are a great way to explore the many features of your new gadget whilst exploring some of your favourite cars.

Sigur ros name and shame plagiarising car advertisers

We are big fans of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur rós here at SkiddMark, their music is unique, uplifting yet thought-provoking, melodic but sometimes haunting. The band’s music is recognisable by lead singer Jónsi’s falsetto voice and by the simple melodies that seep into our sub-conscious after a brief listen.

It therefore comes as little surprise to find that so many Advertisers, Film and TV producers are keen to use their music as the perfect backdrop to their programmes and commercials, but you may be surprised to learn that the stock answer from Sigur rós to such a request is a polite but firm ‘No’.

Aston Martin embraces hip-hop…

It’s becoming all the rage these days, Fiat recently got together with Faithless for their Punto Evo campaign, spawning a ‘Feelin Good’ special edition. Aston Martin being the coolest of automotive brands chose… Swizz Beatz for their ‘music edition’ special. Erm, Swizz who?