Ads & Commercials

JCB celebrates the Holiday Season with a glamorous 2013 Calendar

JCB is renowned worldwide for its construction and agriculture products, but young George Bamford has taken the family name into the world of design and photography. His 2006 and 2007 JCB Calendars were award winners and now for 2013 he’s produced a ‘ of the interesting juxtaposition between cold hard engineering and the soft, sensuous female form.’ Erm, quite.

The Hamsters travel back in time for Kia’s New Soul campaign

To promote the new 2013 Kia Soul, those music-loving hamsters return in the third of the brand’s chart-topping series of viral videos.

‘Bringing Down the House’ is set to the Axwell Radio Edit of ‘In My Mind’, by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl featuring Georgi Kay, and takes the 21st century’s dance music hamsters back in time to a stuffy 18th century opera house.