Ford kicks-off UK Road Trip for the New Focus (w/VIDEO)

Unless of course you’ve been living on a remote island, away from TV, newspapers and the interweb, then you’ll know that Ford is in the middle of launching its new Focus – a more significant event than any previous launch because despite being developed in Europe, it will be sold in over 120 markets worldwide.

In defence of straight talking..

I’ve undertaken my fair share of ‘teaser’ or pre-launch marketing campaigns and they can be a very effective means of grasping and then holding customer attention in the build up to a major launch. But they rely on the element of surprise, of the unknown – where the audience are intrigued and curious about what will happen next and where the foreplay becomes nearly as satisfying as the main event…

Hyundai’s Turbo Face campaign moves from video to print

We’ve been a little cynical in the past about Hyundai’s promotional campaign for the Sonata Turbo, the Sonata is not exactly the kind of car any of us would associate with ‘speed’ – in fact stick a Taxi sign on its roof and it would look right at home waiting in the taxi-rank at Slough station. But over in the USA, where there’s always been a greater affinity for Japanese and Korean marques, Hyundai have been mounting a campaign to transform the Sonata’s dowdy image and re-position it as a car to be desired rather than just used.