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Opinion: Team Lotus and QPR – will it be one pitch too many?

It was whilst watching Dragon’s Den on BBC TV the other evening that I started to wonder about the physical input (time, management, direction) given to those who successfully pitched their ideas. The financial element is, of course, clearly stated but as most of us know, any venture that is struggling to capitalise on its potential needs more than just hard cash and “association”. This was absolutely the case with the fancy dress business which was eventually taken-on by Duncan Bannatyne.

Team Lotus wins the right to use its name in Formula 1

Just over an hour ago the High-Court case between Team Lotus and Group Lotus reached its conclusion and as we expected Mr Justice Peter Smith made his verdict in favour of Tony Fernandes’ 1Malaysia Racing Team, who were judged to be the true owner of the ‘Team Lotus’ name and its iconic roundel.

Team Lotus Special Edition Seven marks a New Chapter for Caterham

If you’ve been following this morning’s announcement of the acquisition of Caterham Cars by Team Lotus Enterprise (TLE), then you’ll already have spotted this tasty looking Caterham Seven – decked out in the Team Lotus Formula One squad’s colours – posing for photos with the official 2011 Team Lotus F1 cars.

Team Lotus Enterprise announces its acquisition of Caterham Cars

Well it was perhaps the worst kept secret of the week, and yet the buzz and anticipation at this morning’s press conference was palpable as the gathering of journalists awaited the Headmaster (Tony Fernandes). We’ll bring you a separate report from Steve Hindle, who attended the conference plus some insights from his interview with Andy Noble, Sales and Marketing Director for Caterham Cars.

The Fernandes Files – from Hethel to Darford via Malaysia

It’s been no secret that Corven, the private equity group who funded the buy-out of Caterham from the Nearn family, have long been seeking to retrench their investment. Despite a barrage of gilded PR, the introduction of new models, and ventures with household names ranging from Top Gear to Marks & Spencer, life since 2005 has not been easy for the Dartford outfit.

Team Lotus principals buy into Caterham..

Well it’s been a fascinating few days since news of a tie-up between Team Lotus and Caterham emerged. The Hingham-based outfit announced a major press conference to be held at Duxford Airfield next week , prompting rumours about what’s likely to be on the agenda.