1 Series M Coupe

Countdown to the Nürburgring 24H: Focus – BMW Z4 GT3

With just over a week to go until the Nürburgring 24h-Race (May 17th to 20th), we’ve chosen to focus on some of the star attractions taking part. And there are few more exciting contenders than BMW’s Z4 GT3, which has been dominant in the first few rounds of the 2012 FIA GT1 series, in the hands of Michael Bartels and Yelmer Buurman.

In defence of straight talking..

I’ve undertaken my fair share of ‘teaser’ or pre-launch marketing campaigns and they can be a very effective means of grasping and then holding customer attention in the build up to a major launch. But they rely on the element of surprise, of the unknown – where the audience are intrigued and curious about what will happen next and where the foreplay becomes nearly as satisfying as the main event…

Behind-the-scenes at the 1 Series M Coupe photoshoot – the customer’s view

SkiddMark reader Andrew Mulholland was one of the first customers to view BMW’s new 1 Series M Coupe when he joined us at our photoshoot last Thursday. He got the chance after responding to one of my tweets a few weeks ago (you can follow us at @DriversRepublic), offering a reader the chance to meet BMW’s new M car, and it took him all of about 3 seconds to accept the invitation when asked!

In the studio with BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe

It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity to see BMW’s newest M-car set free of its body mask and released on the road. We’ll have to wait a little longer before it can be driven, so today is all about drinking in its muscular lines, discovering all of its unique M-features and describing what it’s really like to see for the first time.

Audi releases the RS 3 Sportback

It counts as a ‘good day’ in our book whenever Audi launches a new RS-model, it used to be a rare occurrence because Audi only made 1 RS model at a time, but that’s all changed and we’ve now got 3 RS Audi’s to choose from, or at least we will when in spring next year the RS 3 Sportback goes on sale.

The timing of this new RS 3 model is nothing if not convenient, with BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe due on sale just 3 months later. In fact there’s plenty more these natural competitors have in common – both are powered by turbocharged engines producing nearly 340 bhp, both are to be priced just under £40k (or maybe slightly over in the BMW’s case), but they’re as near as dammit rivals in the usual apples-and-pears way that Audi’s RS models square off with BMW’s M Cars.