INTERVIEW: British F3 Champion Jack Harvey talks with SkiddMark

“My friends often ask me if I get scared by what I do or find it intimidating and I have to say no, of course not. It’s not because if I did I’d be slow but it’s because if you’re scared of this sport you’re going to be a danger to yourself, to others and likely to cause an accident. So no, I’m not scared at all.”

These words sound like some long lost mythical quotes by the legendary Ayrton Senna, but instead they’re from the cerebral man most likely to succeed Lewis Hamilton as Britain’s next top racing driver – 17 year old Jack Harvey.

New spy pictures emerge of BMW’s New (F30) 3 Series

BMW’s New 3 Series is due to go on sale towards the end of this year, so these will surely be amongst the final spy shots before the production car is exposed. As we’ve seen from previous pictures the F30 3 Series looks almost like a scaled-down 5 Series – a sensible looking saloon.

Totally Gratuitous Shots of BMW’s 1 M Coupe on a Skidpad

Last night spy photographer Palbay contacted us to share a series of images of BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe at the BMW Performance Center Skidpad in South Carolina. The water adds a nice effect to the shots, and serves to underline just how much fun the driving school instructors were having at the time.

New BMW 1 Series continues to polarise opinion

BMW has just released official details of the all-new 2012 1 Series, after the images (rather predictably) leaked out across the internet on Friday. The all-new, second generation BMW 1 Series occupies a distinctive niche within its segment, and remains the only rear-wheel drive car in its class. But it also remains somewhat too distinctive, retaining the same breadvan shape as its predecessor and the kind of looks that only a Mother could love… Yes, as before the new 1 Series is a car that will polarise opinions – you’ll either love it or hate it, rather like Marmite or Gruyère cheese.

BMW 1 Series M Coupé – the DNA inside

BMW’s forthcoming F10-based M5 is almost upon us, with first deliveries expected in autumn 2011, but the real ‘Daddy’ of the M car range is the M3. In the true vernacular of the term such an accolade is usually bestowed on the quickest or most powerful model, but I’m using it in its purest sense – Daddy, as in father, the progenitor and main ancestor of BMW’s M DNA.

BMW announce a facelifted (LCI) 2011 1-Series Coupe and Convertible

As is the convention with BMW models as they near the end of their lifespan they receive a facelift, referred to by the catchy acronym LCI which of course stands for Life Cycle Impulse. Well you knew that didn’t you?

We’ve already seen many of these facelift changes close-up in the 1 Series M Coupe that we reviewed last week, so can speak with some insight on what stands out the most.

Behind-the-scenes at the 1 Series M Coupe photoshoot – the customer’s view

SkiddMark reader Andrew Mulholland was one of the first customers to view BMW’s new 1 Series M Coupe when he joined us at our photoshoot last Thursday. He got the chance after responding to one of my tweets a few weeks ago (you can follow us at @DriversRepublic), offering a reader the chance to meet BMW’s new M car, and it took him all of about 3 seconds to accept the invitation when asked!