Audi’s new A1 Quattro leaves us underwhelmed..

If you’re a UK Audi customer, then you’ll need to petition loudly if you hope to park a new A1 Quattro on your driveway, but will many of you bother? Just 333 examples of the A1 Quattro are scheduled to be made, but they’re all left-hand-drive and bound for mainland Europe in the second half of 2012.

Audi reveals the A1 Quattro

Audi is currently testing a development installation of its quattro drivetrain in the sub-compact A1, bringing all-wheel-drive to this segment for the first time. As it gets to grip with the freezing Canadian conditions, Audi choose the opportunity to reveal its plans for its newest model in the range.

Audi’s BIG Idea

The designers among us will have something to say about these new print ads from Audi – developed by Ad agency BBH London, they’ve created four ads to illustrate the key qualities of the new A1. They’ve focused on its ‘Driver-Oriented Interior’, ‘Powerful Yet Efficient Engines’, ‘Iconic Exterior Design’ and a ‘Big Idea Condensed’ view of them all.