Volkswagen’s message to Greenpeace – put-up! or shut-up!

I’ve made no secret of my disgust at Greenpeace’s recent anti-Volkswagen campaign, The Dark Side – it was misleading, divisive and downright ignorant. These raging activists took Volkswagen to task for their failure to sign up to more stringent CO2 targets in Europe, castigating them for lobbying against the proposed 30 per cent threshold that environmentalists were campaigning to become law.

BMW goes wild – but is it natural? (w/VIDEOS)

I feel compelled to bring the following videos to your attention, not because of some otherworldly showcase of fine driving skills, nor because they scoop the latest drop-dead-gorgeous supercar – in fact they have very little to do with cars at all – even though they’ve been produced by one of the most sought after car brands, BMW.

Mercedes SLS AMG leaves Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche in its dust..

Agency Jung Von Matt in Hamburg have put together a series of 3 print ads to be used in promoting the £169,000 563bhp Mercedes SLS AMG. The gullwing (or roadster) SLS AMG, unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show, is Mercedes first supercar since the SLR which was the result of a collaboration between Mercedes and McLaren.

Russian road safety campaign exceeds the limit

The city of Novgorod (“new city”) located just 100 miles from St. Petersburg is one of Russia’s most historic cities, having been declared a World Heritage Site back in 1992. With a population the size of Northampton and a thriving tourism industry, they like to keep their streets safe especially over the holiday season.

Imagine taking as much shit as your car.

It’s such a refreshing change from some of the mumbo-jumbo advertising we so often see, for a brand to just come out and tell it how it is. This print advert for the fuel retailer Q8 was produced by Ogilvy & Mather in Sweden and describes in the simplest way possible just exactly why drivers should visit their outlets.

Toyota, Toyota where art thy Cojones..

We think this campaign might just be one step too far for the world’s largest car maker. For the red-blooded males amongst us who own a Toyota Prius (are there any?) then fear not, this is a Toyota USA initiative which looks like it might have been commissioned from their Amish regional offices..