Prank or fail? A sideays glance at April Fools Day 2012

According to the website,, there were more than 350 April Fools’ Day pranks conducted by brands and bloggers across the web yesterday. We kept track of the automotive ones and of these, only 4 out of 9 embraced the medium of video – with one of those (Google’s driverless NASCAR race car) not even shareable.

In a Land Rover you’ll be safe inside…

Sometimes – on very rare occasions – our friends from across the pond produce better car ads than their European counterparts. Volkswagen comes to mind with their recent Super Bowl ads, or those hilarious off-beat VW Academy ads with Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader. Land Rover are another brand that have blurred the lines between the normally dull commercial and a genuine piece of entertainment.

Sigur ros name and shame plagiarising car advertisers

We are big fans of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur rós here at SkiddMark, their music is unique, uplifting yet thought-provoking, melodic but sometimes haunting. The band’s music is recognisable by lead singer Jónsi’s falsetto voice and by the simple melodies that seep into our sub-conscious after a brief listen.

It therefore comes as little surprise to find that so many Advertisers, Film and TV producers are keen to use their music as the perfect backdrop to their programmes and commercials, but you may be surprised to learn that the stock answer from Sigur rós to such a request is a polite but firm ‘No’.