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Gymkhana FOUR: Plug in and prepare for an electrifying ride..

Keep your eyes open during the next few months for signs of Ken Block’s new Gymkhana viral – Gymkhana FOUR is the next chapter in the massively successful web video series that sees Block perform his own brand of autocross through a tight and twisty series of cones and solid objects. Called Gymkhana (jim-kah-nuh), Ken’s hybrid version is performed at speed and with the maximum amount of hoonage.

Range Rover’s ‘Ultimate’ choice

The headlines will focus on the list price of the new Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition – at around £130,000 it’s the most expensive Range Rover every produced – but there’s more to this ultimate incarnation of Solihull’s finest than the dent it will make in your finances. The new model debuts at the Geneva Motor Show next month and is described by Land Rover as “The most luxurious Range Rover ever.”