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Bentley shatters World Ice Speed Record

It says a lot about Bentley as a brand that in the space of 7 days we’ve been talking about their association with the new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche, then just a few days later their achievement in setting a new World Ice Speed Record. How many car companies can you say that about?

Bentley throw down the gauntlet to Aston Martin

We’ve been waiting an age for the next Bond Film #23, which had been delayed as MGM Studios sorted out their finances following several box office flops and the general market slump in DVD sales. Thankfully MGM and EON Productions were able to confirm the film’s go-ahead last month, with a release date in November 2012.

Ferrari releases new dynamic pictures of the FF

You can tell how proud Ferrari are of their new four-wheel drive transmission, by how keen they are to show it being used in a way that no previous Ferrari could hope to aspire to. This is both a Ferrari for power slides and the most sensible car in Ferrari’s range.

Aston Martin unleashes the Vantage S

So, what you might ask is the Vantage S? Another V8 Vantage variant in the spirit of the N420? Not really. Perhaps it’s a just a tarted up Vantage with a few choice options? Definitely not. Well according to Aston Martin the rationale behind the V8 Vantage S was to push the boundaries of the already acclaimed V8 Vantage to achieve the highest levels of driver involvement possible.

Ferrari unveils its first ever 4WD model, The FF

As widely predicted Ferrari revealed its first four wheel-drive model this morning, a revolutionary four-seater, four-wheel drive V12 Ferrari to replace the 612 Scaglietti. They have named it the FF – an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive) – although we have to assume that Maranello had one eye on the 1970s Jenson Interceptor, which first brought the FF tag to the market (FF stands for Ferguson Formula, after Ferguson Research Ltd., who invented the car’s four-wheel drive system) and coincidentally was also the first four-wheel drive car to reach production.

Ferrari’s new GT breaks cover tomorrow

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the first official view of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti replacement, which is due to be shown to a select group of owners via a live weblink at the website. It’s a private affair, but the internet being what it is these days, we can expect to see pictures and spec details distributed shortly thereafter.

Dancing On Ice? – take an Aston for a spin

If you’ve never been treated to a winter driving course then now’s the time to make up some post-Christmas story about how in the 12-months leading up to a leap-year it’s important to drive the wheels off something exotic – on ice. It’s the law apparently, didn’t you know?

What do women look for in a car?

What do women look for in a car? Are automotive desires really gender specific? And can a male-dominated motor industry satisfy them? Angie Voluti examines car culture from a feminine perspective.