All-new Audi RS 6 Avant storms in

The new third-generation Audi RS 6 demonstrates all that’s wrong with the latest RS 4 – a car which was launched less than six months ago. Like its smaller sibling the RS 6 comes as an Avant version only, they both come with a V8 TFSI engine, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Why Kia is more sporty than Volkswagen

Yesterday I was reading Kia’s announcement about the need to raise its brand image by offering more sporty cars – you know, the usual marketing rhetoric about being perceived as a dynamic brand, characterised by style, a premium look and some mystical notion of power. And then the following words struck me – “ will almost certainly be rear-wheel drive”.

Audi releases new A6 and A7 Black Edition versions

The label ‘Black Edition’ used to typify the type of car which was more of an iron fist in velvet glove – subtle on the outside but hard as nails underneath. Now thanks mainly to Audi and Porsche, a black edition is merely a stealthy mainstream model – another means of sub-dividing an already segmented niche model.

Volvo’s V40 T5 R-Design will cost more than BMW’s M135i

We’re big fans of Volvo’s V40 – which is a true rival to BMW’s 1 Series and Audi’s A4 and yet is still an individual’s choice with its own unique qualities. But the model that will account for at least 25% of all V40 purchases is the R-Design, which Volvo has this morning announced the UK pricing for.