Prank or fail? A sideays glance at April Fools Day 2012

According to the website,, there were more than 350 April Fools’ Day pranks conducted by brands and bloggers across the web yesterday. We kept track of the automotive ones and of these, only 4 out of 9 embraced the medium of video – with one of those (Google’s driverless NASCAR race car) not even shareable.

A New Year, A New Website..

The simple plan to ‘tidy up’ SkiddMark’s website over Christmas got a little out of hand as I added more requirements to our list of improvements. You see, like any website the design and functionality of SkiddMark has evolved since the last redesign leaving an untidy mess of redundant code inside that was getting in the way of publishing stories.

Is BMW still a luxury brand?

A thought occurred to me this morning when Audi revealed its range-topping R8 GT Spyder, that with most of BMW’s main competitors now retailing cars well above the £100,000 threshold, can we still consider BMW a luxury brand?