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INTERVIEW: British F3 Champion Jack Harvey talks with SkiddMark

“My friends often ask me if I get scared by what I do or find it intimidating and I have to say no, of course not. It’s not because if I did I’d be slow but it’s because if you’re scared of this sport you’re going to be a danger to yourself, to others and likely to cause an accident. So no, I’m not scared at all.”

These words sound like some long lost mythical quotes by the legendary Ayrton Senna, but instead they’re from the cerebral man most likely to succeed Lewis Hamilton as Britain’s next top racing driver – 17 year old Jack Harvey.

12 Common Misconceptions About Formula 1

To mark the start of the 2011 Formula One season at Melbourne this weekend, website driven.co.uk have compiled a list of the Top 10 misconceptions about Formula 1. Editor Chris Davies has taken a light-hearted look at some of the more obvious ones, be assures us that the list is by no means exhaustive – in fact he encourages you to add to his list with your own suggestions.

Pussies Galore: F1′s low-point in Korea

I made the idiotic mistake of waking at 06:45 on Sunday morning, so grabbed a Twinings and whacked the GP on. Like most of you, I was delighted to see the rain pouring from the leaden Korean sky and thought we were in for one the best races of the season.