Ford kicks-off UK Road Trip for the New Focus (w/VIDEO)

Unless of course you’ve been living on a remote island, away from TV, newspapers and the interweb, then you’ll know that Ford is in the middle of launching its new Focus – a more significant event than any previous launch because despite being developed in Europe, it will be sold in over 120 markets worldwide.

Kylie-Edition Lexus CT 200h causes hybrid sales to skyrocket..

In an astute move by Lexus UK’s sales and marketing team, buyers of its new CT 200h hybrid luxury hatchback can now specify Kylie Minogue in place of the regular car’s wing mirror – drivers had suggested that they’d rather look at Kylie than at the following traffic and rather generously the pocket-sized superstar was only too happy to oblige.

In defence of straight talking..

I’ve undertaken my fair share of ‘teaser’ or pre-launch marketing campaigns and they can be a very effective means of grasping and then holding customer attention in the build up to a major launch. But they rely on the element of surprise, of the unknown – where the audience are intrigued and curious about what will happen next and where the foreplay becomes nearly as satisfying as the main event…

MINI extends its Night-Time Test Drives

MINI New Zealand’s Night Test Drives promotion started off innocently enough, offering customers the chance to test drive its latest models on the open road at a time when there was likely to be less traffic and other distractions.

MINI’s Night Test Drives get a little risqué

MINI New Zealand are running a campaign at the moment to take late night test drives, they’d like to encourage customers to put a brand new MINI through its paces on the open road when it’s clear of the usual distractions – at night.

On the face of it, there’s no particular reason to take note of with such a campaign – it’s perhaps an odd idea to encourage drivers to test an unfamiliar car whilst trying to figure out the position of its indicator stalks, but we’ve seen worse ideas – I just wouldn’t fancy being a sales person accompanying such a test drive.

Volvo S60 – Not naughty, but nice

Last month we asked the question, “Volvo’s S60 – Is It Naughty Enough?”, as we reviewed Volvo’s Naughty campaign used to launch the new S60 and V60 saloon and estate.

When examining the vast array of videos, microsites and social media content we concluded that there was simply too much – the average viewer neither has the time nor the interest to wade through 24 videos (now 26 including the recent V60 promotions) and such dilution of their focus can subsequently undermine sharing on social media channels as our brief analysis of the views and shares appears to prove.